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Bergen Tattoo was founded by Kine Holmefjord in 2014.

Bergen Tattoo was founded by Kine Holmefjord in 2014.

The IXI Technology Drone Killer™ is the first and only Hand-Held Counter UAS technology that employs the use of Software Defined Radio - SDR . The IXI DroneKiller™ can disable drones operating on 5 frequencies and has a range of up to1,000 meters. The Drone Killer™ enables military and security forces to thwart the use of drones by enemy combatants for surveillance and direct attack by IED or other devices on friendly forces.


The Drone Killer™ is compact and light weight, able to be deployed by ground forces personnel in mobile units, strike teams, at checkpoints,

forward outposts, and security response teams. The Drone Killer™ can also fill gaps

in Electronic Fences due to line of sight obstructions.


IXI Technology Specifications Field Overview:

• Field programmable with integrated USB port for software updates

• Disrupts C2 or GPS link controlling drones to descend or return to origin

• RF sensor detect all drone signals; aids targeting in all light conditions

• LED settings adjustable for low to bright light conditions for targeting

• User trainings is less than 1 minute; acquires drone < 3 seconds

• Compact, and Lightweight; compatible with military personnel load out

• Most cost effective system available on the market


• Range up to 1,000 meters

• 420 to 460 MHZ by region

• 902 to 928 MHZ ISM Band

• 2.4 to 2.5 GHZ ISM Band

• 5.6 to 6.0 GHZ ISM Band



• Defeats Drones up to 1 Km

• Range Detection Up to 3.2


• Detects 1270MHZ Video



• 1 hour continuous operation

• 6 hour sensor operation

• Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

• External 9-21V operation mode

• 58mm L x 23mm H x 10mm W

• Less than 3.6 Kg

• Right or left hand operation

• -20 to + 40C operating temp.

• -40 to +85 C storage range

• Environmentally sealed

• Ruggedized for shock and vibe